Sawyer's Mill Introverts. Our Time Has Come.

Sawyer's Mill Introverts. Our Time Has Come.

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No shortcuts. The boys here at the mill take great pride in the work we
do. You'll find authenticity and genuine craftsmanship at the heart of
what we do.

Your sign starts as a wood slat we mill, cut to size, and sand to a smooth
finish. It is then printed directly on the wood surface using an environmentally
safe method we developed after years of attempts to perfect. This
process blends the image and the wood seamlessly allowing the
natural grain of the wood to remain visible from behind the design.

Every sign we make will be unique in its own way given the natural
characteristics of the wood.

Each piece is made by hand in the Great State of Tennessee from
locally milled, hardwood timber.

Our single slat wood signsfeature a horizontal keyhole across the back
allowing for easy placement on any wall whether you prefer one or two
nails for display. We suggest using two small finishing nails for our
horizontal signs to maintain balance.

Multiple slat signsare joined together with two runners using both glue
and nails to create a lasting bond between the materials. A length of
genuine leather is pulled between the runners and knotted on both
ends for use in hanging.

The smaller, 4x4 serieslikewise make use of a length of leather that is
tied into a loop and pulled through a pre-drilled hole. The knot is synched
inside the hole allowing the sign to sit flat on a table or other flat
surface without interference caused by the leather.

Each sign is then thoroughly hand sanded and branded using a cattle
brand to burn our logo in the back.

Your sign is made by hand in the Great State of Tennessee from the locally
milled, hardwood timber that the boys and I use to create our offerings.

The image is fade resistant.

We recommend indoor use.

  • SIGN READS: Introverts Our Time Has Come.
  • SPECIALTY PRINTING: Design is printed on wood allowing the features and grain to remain visible.
  • READY TO HANG: Keyhole slot allows for quick mounting of plaque on any wall. Size 3.5 in. x 12 in.
  • FREE STANDING: Set on a desk, shelf, kitchen counter, coffee table, anywhere in the home or office.
  • ITEMS: A unique selection of funny, sassy, inspirational, sarcastic and heart-warming gifts.