Crazy in Love with You
Crazy in Love with You

Crazy in Love with You

Sawyer's Mill Inc.
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Brand: Sawyer's Mill Inc.

Color: White Lettering on Black Background

Details: The image is embedded or "sublimated" into the REAL wood surface. This blends the image and the wood seamlessly allowing the natural grain of the REAL wood to remain visible from behind the design.

From there, a hole is drilled through the center with a countersink bit. We then sand each piece and insert a length of American-Made suede leather through the hole for hanging. Lastly, we use a hot branding iron to etch our logo into the back. 

The advantage that comes from countersinking the hole is that the leather is not exposed at the bottom creating a smooth surface for those preferring to sit the sign on a desk, shelf, etc. rather than hanging. 

Every sign we make will be unique in its own way due to the grain and natural characteristics of the REAL wood. 

Each piece is made by hand in the Great State of Tennessee from the locally harvested and milled, hardwood timber that the boys and I use to create our offerings. 

The image is fade resistant and will last many years. For indoor use or outside in a covered area. 

Anything that goes out our doors has our stamp of approval on the back and is proudly our own work.