I'm Not a Control Freak.
I'm Not a Control Freak.
I'm Not a Control Freak.

I'm Not a Control Freak.

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Your sign starts as a maple slat we mill, cut to size, and sand to a smooth finish. It is then UV printed directly on the wood surface. This process blends the image and the wood seamlessly allowing the natural grain of the wood to remain visible from behind the design.

Each sign is made by hand in the Great State of Tennessee from locally milled timber.

Thank you for taking the time to look at our series of American made products.

  • DON'T LET THE PRICE FOOL YOU: These American Made Signs are UV Printed and Hand-Finished on 3/8" thick slats of Rough-Cut Maple at our Tennessee Mill.
  • ARRIVES READY TO HANG: Hemp cord allows for display of plaque on any wall.
  • LARGE ENOUGH TO GET NOTICED. Small enough not to take over the space.
  • ITEMS: A hand-crafted selection of unique, funny, inspirational, sarcastic and heart-warming gifts.
  • THANK YOU for considering this item from our line of Handmade USA products.